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BPOdomain is a market leader in personal hands-on service for Software Installation. We have over twelve years Accounting Software Consulting and support experience in a wide range of industries. 

Why you need expert advice and support on your Software Installation

Even though your MYOB Software Installation is a one-off procedure, if you get it wrong in the beginning, you will pay dearly for it in years to come. The correct installation of Accounting software does not only consist of uploading the programs to your computer. It requires careful planning of data up-take, setting the correct parameters to suit your business requirements and most importantly, a very good knowledge of accounting principles.

For example, your MYOB Software Installation would include activities such as:

(1) Designing the chart of accounts

(2) Setting up the Debtors and Creditors parameters

(3) Setting up rate scales and tax tables for a payroll

(4) Making sure your chart of accounts is correctly coded for GST and BAS reporting

(5) Setting up of Invoice, Sales order, Purchase Order etc layouts

(6) Implementing Stock codes if you are going to use stock control or just selling stock lines

(7) Implementing Job or costing codes if required

(8) Setting up the reporting on the various modules and incorporating budgets or targets

(9) Incorporating the Bank Accounts with their reconciliations

(10) Last but not least, the actual uptake of the Income and Expenditure data with correct transactions, plus the opening and closing balances of Assets and Liabilities.

Other activities would include:

  • Drawing up and keeping to a Implementation Schedule.
  • Scheduling and assisting with Data uptake.
  • Training your staff to use the new Accounting System.

Rectifying and/or improving on current Accounting System set-up

On the other hand, if someone less experienced has done your MYOB Software Installation and they did it incorrectly, we can assist you in rectifying your Accounting System. Sometimes the set up was done on the request of user as they only had limited requirements at that point, but in other instances it was just due to a lack of experience and/or insight on the part of the installer.

Charge out Rate

All the above services are charged out at $40.00 per hour plus GST. If you run a business in or near Adelaide, call us today to setup a Free evaluation of your requirements 0405 606 849

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June 23, 2013

Charles Burham @ 6:08 pm #

We are currently looking at upgrading to MYOB, from your website it would seem you have a lot of experience in doing just that. Could you contact us to set up a appoitment.
Ps. Like your website, very informative.

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